Congratulations to the Haberfield Association on installing a fence to protect the heritage sunken garden bed at Yasmar Estate, Haberfield. I was proud to support the project through a Summer Hill Community Building Partnership grant. Yasmar is a wonderful community asset which is treasured by the whole Inner West community. The Estate is a proud example of a Parramatta Road manor house and the sunken garden has long been one of its most desirable features. Installing a fence around the sunken garden will further protect it, as well as keep visitors to the site safe. The Haberfield Association, particularly through their Friends of Yasmar group, continue to make huge inroads into preserving and revitalising the beautiful gardens at Yasmar. Their willingness to keep the wheels turning on projects such as getting the fence installed, through various lockdowns and outbreaks throughout COVID, is testament to the passion they have for this very special place. I warmly congratulate and thanks the Haberfield Association, and their many dedicated volunteers, for their passion and commitment to this project and to preserving Yasmar Estate for future generations.