The Haberfield Association is leading the charge to protect the world's first garden suburb, Haberfield, and is campaigning to have the entire suburb listed on the State Heritage Register. Recently the association hosted an open day at Yasmar estate, which the Office of Environment and Heritage has described as the "only relatively intact villa house estate remaining on Parramatta Road, the oldest roadway in Australia." The association's Friends of Yasmar group, led by Angie Gallinaro, regularly tend to the historic gardens as part of its campaign to save the estate from dereliction through neglect. I was very pleased to attend the recent open day at Yasmar to support the campaign to keep the estate in public hands and to thank the wonderful volunteers who work tirelessly to preserve the important heritage home and garden. Yasmar is the heart and soul of Haberfield and I congratulate and thank the Haberfield Association for all it does to protect it for future generations.