On 25 March we celebrated the 200th anniversary of Greek independence, the bicentenary of the Greek revolution, which saw that proud country rise up against Ottoman rule in 1821.

For generations my electorate of Summer Hill has been home to the Greek families who built our suburbs and who have played a key role in creating the vibrant and diverse melting pot that our community has proudly become.

The Inner West Council took the historic step of renaming the Marrickville Road precinct Little Greece to honour that important anniversary and to recognise the cultural influence of the Greek community, including amazing businesses, some of my favourites, like Lamia Super Deli, the Hellenic Patisserie, the Athena Cake Shop—I have to say that it is very good—Faros Brothers Seafood and the Corinthian Rotisserie Restaurant, which has been there for almost 40 years.

In Little Greece you will also find the beautiful St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, the ATLAS Community & Cultural Centre and the Greek Welfare Centre, which all provide vital services and support to our diverse community every single day.

This Greek Independence Day let us all celebrate the rich contribution of that community. Happy independence day to all Greeks who call the inner west home.