I commend Among the Trees on opening the Graham Tilly Woodworking Library, honouring Mr Tilly's legacy and passion for woodwork.

As a highly skilled woodworker and tuner, Graham was by far the most generous contributor to the Among the Trees lumber yard, donating so many of his tools and materials.

Graham sadly passed away at the beginning of this month at the age of 92.

Over the months before his passing, Graham donated not only an abundance of woodworking tools and machines to Among The Trees, but also his extensive woodworking reference library.

Last week, the team unveiled 'The Graham Tilly Woodworking Library' to commemorate his memory and thank Graham for all his kind contributions.

The library is open to the community, who will be able to appreciate the collection and legacy that Graham built over his life.

I thank Sara, Pete, Luke, and Liz at Among The Trees for sharing Graham Tilly's story with us and ensuring that his passion for woodwork lives on in Marrickville.