Labor MP’s today condemned revelations that the Sydenham to Bankstown Urban Renewal Corridor plans could see an additional 25,000 units on top of the 35,000 already proposed for suburbs along the corridor. 

The AEC Group report commissioned by the Government indicates that “should the strategy be implemented new planning controls could unlock surplus market capacity of nearly 40,000 dwellings” and that “58, 747 new dwellings… could be financially feasible to develop.”

The report makes clear that the Government knows the plans will see far more development than they have indicated in their draft plans.

The plans have already come under fire from local MP’s, councils and resident groups. There are no plans for additional schools, child-care centres, hospitals or usable recreation space. 


Comments attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill:

“The Government must come clean about the truth behind their forecasts for density and growth.

“They have ignored resident groups and experts who told them from the beginning that their mass rezoning would unleash far greater density than they have let on.

“Local residents were specifically told by the Government that there would be no development above train stations, however, the Minister turned that on its head yesterday and left the option open.

“The Government must immediately halt these plans for mass rezoning and provide the community with a comprehensive plan for schools, hospitals, child-care centres and parks.”


Comments attributable to Sophie Cotsis MP, Member for Canterbury

“The community has lost all confidence that the Government’s planning for our suburbs is anything other than a land-grab for developers.

“This report undermines community consultation on the plans, as does the release of the EIS for the Sydney Metro only weeks after the Government closed submissions on the rezoning.

“These plans will permanently change the face of our suburban streets. 

“The Govt must immediately halt these disastrous plans and tell our community the whole truth. We will fight against this mass rezoning.”