JO HAYLEN: My question is directed to the Premier. Given the CEO of Infrastructure NSW recently said during budget estimates that he is "not aware of any policies which specify either preferring local materials over imported materials or setting particular targets", how can the Premier pretend that his Government has any credibility when it comes to supporting local jobs through local procurement?

DOMINIC PERROTTET: Oh Jo, my Jo, that is exactly what we are doing. When we are building $112 billion of infrastructure and—as referred to in the first iteration of the question, which was ruled out of order—raise projects like the Sydney Metro Northwest, including its tracks, we are investing record amounts of infrastructure right across the State. A lot of that infrastructure has been manufactured right here in New South Wales. That is why there is a false view that the rustbelt state of Victoria is the manufacturing capital of the country. It is not. New South Wales manufactures more than anywhere else in the country. Why? It is because we build more. Members opposite ask about projects that they promised and cancelled five or six times.

When we build more, naturally we procure more. That is why businesses right across our State are doing much better under the Liberals and The Nationals than under any Labor government in the country. More people are in work in New South Wales on our government projects than anywhere else in the country. The member for Newcastle loves the Newcastle light rail. This Government has more local manufacturing than anywhere else in the country because we are building more than anywhere in the country. What we hear from the Opposition is a Labor Party that does not manage money well, that talks rhetoric. That is why it delivers absolutely nothing. The workers of New South Wales are always better off under the Liberals and The Nationals. Why? Because they are in work. That is the difference. Under the Liberals and The Nationals, New South Wales has the lowest unemployment rate in recorded history.