The Baird Government has secretly deferred 170 vital disability, accessibility and safety upgrades to NSW train stations and ferry wharfs amidst a $23 million blowout in its Transport Access Program.

Projects delayed include sorely needed upgrades to Lewisham, Petersham and Dulwich Hill stations. Plans for commuter parking at Summer Hill and Marrickville stations are also delayed.

Documents released under freedom of information (FOI) laws reveal that 44 per cent of Sydney train stations and 26 per cent of intercity train stations had a project deferred. 

Delayed projects across the state include safer nighttime lighting, installation of help points, family accessible toilets, lifts and ramps, basic rain cover for station platforms, and commuter car parking.

The FOI documents also reveal at least a $23.32 million blowout in the final cost of completed projects. 



Dulwich Hill, Lewisham & Petersham

Easy access – lift, ramp or escalator upgrades

Dulwich Hill

Interchanges – improved transfers between buses and trains

Summer Hill, Marrickville

Commuter car parks upgrade


Comments attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill:

“The Government has let the mess at Lewisham Station go on for long enough.

“Despite a strong community campaign to get lifts installed at the station and the drainage issues fixed, the Government is leaving Lewisham behind.

“Inner west commuters are being left to wade through water to catch the train, while parents with prams and elderly commuters are left stranded at Dulwich Hill and Petersham.

At the same time as the Government is crowing about its surpluses, disgracefully, commuters with disabilities aren't able to catch the train at all from these busy stations. 

“It’s not good enough.”


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Disability Services Sophie Cotsis

“A lift or ramp for people with disabilities, ageing or parents with prams is not a luxury upgrade but a necessity.

“For many members in the community, no lift or ramp access means they can’t access public transport at all. It’s unacceptable to be delaying these projects.

“Every commuter deserves to have access to the NSW rail network – but for thousands of people with disabilities, elderly passengers and travelling mums that sadly isn’t the case.”