Labor representatives Jo Haylen MP and Clr Anna York today slammed the Government’s failure to upgrade Petersham and Lewisham stations despite both being ranked more highly than other stations approved for upgrades.

A secret document obtained under the GIPA Act, show that Petersham scored 62.29 and Lewisham Station 56.48 in the Department’s priority matrix, well above stations including Como Station (26.59) in the seat of Oatley, held by the Parliamentary Secretary for Transport, Mark Coure.

Lewisham Station continues to be shut down by persistent flooding and is without a lift. Petersham Station scores consistently higher than Como in the education, disability, child under 5 and aged over 60 categories.

The document also reveals that concept designs for both Petersham and Lewisham stations have already been completed, with the Government announcing in late 2016 that upgrades for both had been deferred.

Comments attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill:

“Time and time again, the inner west misses out under this Government. Upgrades should be decided on merit, not by baseless political gaming.

“Meanwhile, parents will continue to struggle with the stairs at our stations, the elderly will be put at risk, and people with disability will be excluded from accessing our stations altogether.

“The Minister needs to come clean about why he has deferred upgrades at Lewisham and Petersham, despite the Department clearly showing they are needed to improve public transportation.



Comments attributable to Clr Anna York, Labor Councillor for Stanmore:

“It is offensive and absurd that the State Government is playing favourites with accessibility at local train stations.

“When there is a clear and objective process to decide the priority of project upgrades, it’s infuriating to see stations like Petersham and Lewisham overlooked for purely political reasons.

“Inner west residents and commuters deserve better this, especially those that face obstacles to accessing our transport network.”