I warmly congratulate Alex Alewood and Jamie Goodin on the opening of the new family bakery, Goodwood Bakeshop, right next to my office on Marrickville Road. The Goodwood Bakeshop is opening at a difficult time, but if the long line-ups down Marrickville Road every morning and the fact they are sold out by lunch time most days are anything to go by, the Goodwood Bakeshop has a very bright future! Becoming a Marrickville institution in such a short period of time is no mean feat. It's made easy when someone like Alewood is involved, who hails from the Bread and Butter Project - a social enterprise known and loved by many Inner Westies for both their delicious bread and their tremendous impact on the refugee community. Congratulations Alex, Jamie and everyone on the Goodwood Bakeshop team. I look forward to chatting with you when we can all be back together in Marrickville, and enjoying your brilliant bread for many years to come.