NSW Labor is appealing to the good will and good sense of Sydney parents to continue working from home once their kids return to school next Monday.

Sydney could be facing a COVID-19 disaster if every parent returns to work on the day their children return to school full-time.   
Chris Minns, Shadow Minister for Transport said kids should go to school and their parents should go home to work.

“Whether Monday was a public transport disaster or not depends entirely on the good will and good sense of Sydneysiders.”

“With all the media attention of the last few weeks on the dangers of COVID-19 and public transport, we hope everyone now understand why they should stay off the system or only travel outside of peak times.”

“We believe the people of Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Newcastle and Wollongong have the good sense to get this right.  And that means continuing to work from home if you can do so,” Mr Minns said.

Prue Car, Shadow Minister for Education said that while most children will be walking or getting dropped off at school, some will be forced to use public transport. 

“There will be hundreds of thousands of school kids back on public transport on Monday morning.”   

“While it is great to see kids heading back to the classroom, their parents have only been given a week to prepare for the Government’s COVID-19 public transport plan of 12-passenger limits on buses and green stickers on trains.  

“If all their parents choose to use public transport to get to work at the same time, then social distancing will be impossible for everyone,” Prue Car said.

Shadow Minister for Active Transport Jo Haylen said this is an opportunity to walk or ride a bike to school rather than using a car.

“If possible the best way to get to school on Monday is to walk or ride a bike, keeping off roads will alleviate stress on the network and ensure parents get to spend a bit more active time with their kids.” Jo Haylen said.