Congratulations to everyone involved in the FUTUREPROOF Youth Music Festival, held as part of the Inner West Fest. Over the last two years, COVID lockdowns have delivered tough blows to Inner Westies involved in the music industry. It's been especially difficult for those just starting out, who have lost many connections and missed so many opportunities that they otherwise wouldn't have. That's why events like this one are so important. FUTUREPROOF is a not-for-profit event run for young, school-aged musicians to get a taste of what it's like to perform in serious gigs, while still gaining the support to have their performance and production skills developed. Their Youth Music Festival event last month was held at Pratten Park Bowling Club, and saw sets from Pastel, Sienna Langenheim, the After Thoughts, Midnight Bliss, House of Monkeys, The Tinheads, Dial Denial, Sophiaa, Blind Eliza, The Laces, Isy Cappo, and other brilliant acts. It's crucial that we continue to support events like these, not only for these kids to get a shoe in the door of the music industry, but also to make sure that our state is one which supports the arts for generation to come.