I would like to commend the work of the members of Friends of Yasmar, particularly Angie Gallinaro. Friends of Yasmar is a sub-committee of the Haberfield Association that is dedicated to the care and preservation of Yasmar Estate, an estate built during the Victorian era and one of the last surviving Parramatta Road manor houses. Angie and her fellow heritage lovers have worked tirelessly over many years to maintain the grounds of Yasmar and preserve as much of the remnant grounds and building as possible, and restore areas that have fallen into disrepair. I have spoken previously in this place about the stellar effort by Friends of Yasmar in installing a fence to protect the heritage sunken garden bed on the grounds of Yasmar. This was achieved through the perseverance of the volunteers of Friends of Yasmar, despite the challenges posed throughout 2021 and 2022 by COVID outbreaks and lockdowns. Thank you to the members of Friends of Yasmar for all the work you do to ensure the preservation of the heritage of our local area.