I congratulate Alessandro Berini, Selina Springett and Jayanto Damanik Tain on their success in being awarded the commission for a new artwork in Fox's Lane, Ashfield.

The piece, fittingly titled 'There will always be a light on for you', was commissioned by the Inner West Council as part of their upgrade of Ashfield Town Centre, and sits between Liverpool Road and Ashfield train station.

The installation piece features 27 hand crafted lanterns, which each represent a community group who make Ashfield so special, featuring everyone from the Inner West Environment Group to the Ashfield Senior's Theatre Group. They were lit last month and have completely lifted the mood of anyone who passes through the precinct.

The artists' statement says "the lanterns are a physical reminder that in times of crisis, the strength and way forward is through community, and that diversity is beautiful". Coming out of the last two years, these lanterns are such an uplifting reminder of all we have to celebrate.

Thank you so much to the Inner West Council, Alessandro Berini, Selina Springett and Jayanto Damanik Tain, and to all community groups involved in designing the lanterns for Fox's Lane.