15 November marks the four year anniversary since the results of the plebiscite for same-sex marriage. Over 61 per cent of people in Australia voted yes for marriage equality - including 79.9 per cent in the Grayndler electorate - and we have never looked back. It was reported last year that over 14,000 same-sex couples had tied the knot since marriage equality was introduced. I warmly congratulate all those same‑sex couples in the Summer Hill electorate and across NSW who have tied the knot over the past four years. I acknowledge again the important work of advocates, activists and organisations including Equality Australia, the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, ACON, Twenty10, Rainbow Families NSW, PFLAG and more. I also acknowledge the important work we still must do here in NSW to overcome disadvantage, including removing discrimination against transgender and gender diverse people, supporting LGBTQ+ kids in our schools, and seeking justice and healing for victims of gay hate crimes in Sydney. The "Yes" result was a great example of what we can achieve through positive, passionate politics that respects human dignity and the rights of all people to be who they are and love who they love.