Jo Haylen, Member for Summer Hill, is demanding the NSW Government fund new vehicles and services for the Inner West Light Rail in the NSW State Budget on 17 November.

The Government has long promised additional light rail vehicles, with reports last year that new vehicles were delayed by a further two years due to Government inaction.

Four new light rail vehicles would deliver more services during the morning and evening peak periods, reducing the wait-time between services to 6 minutes and carrying an additional 1,200 passengers an hour.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, overcrowding on the line was rife, and the need for safe and reliable services has only increased during the pandemic lockdown and beyond.

Inner westies love our light rail, but too often, it is late, cancelled or full by the time it reaches our stop.

“While COVID-19 has seen fewer passengers on the line, we know as people return to work, so too will the crush in the morning and afternoon peaks.

“With the increased development along the corridor, we can’t afford to wait for new services. The Government must act now and fund new light rail vehicles in the Budget on November 17.”

Ms Haylen has urged local residents to join her in writing to the Premier. A sample letter is available at