This year marks the 100th anniversary of Ferncourt Public School, Marrickville. Generations of young Marrickvilleans have been educated at Ferncourt and the school is as central to the South Marrickville community as ever. The main building at Ferncourt was constructed by a Polish artist named Gracius Broinowski in 1886 with sandstone from the stables of the historical Warren Estate. The Warren was sadly demolished in 1922, however thanks to a successful community campaign, the building that now houses Ferncourt was saved. It has had many uses over the years, including being the site of the first registered addiction treatment centre in NSW. Since being established as a school a century ago, Ferncourt Public School has become a proud and thriving hub of diversity and inclusive education, where all are welcome. This milestone was celebrated with a special history talk at Marrickville Library this past week, conducted by local historian Rebecca Jones, and with events at the school. Congratulations to the current staff, students and families of Ferncourt Public School and thank you to the families and educators who have contributed to the rich history of this special school community over the past 100 years.