As part of the Inner West Fest across the Inner West council area, the Red Rattler hosted an extraordinary program of eclectic music, dance and performance, Faversham Famous. Performers included Gaia Rising, Jannah Beth, Suara Dance, Cross Colors, Kings of Joy, Carter Jr, Ben Nitiva and more, all celebrating the creativity and energy of Faversham Street, Marrickville. Patrons were treated to delicious food by Koshari Korner, Egyptian street food. The event was supported by Inner West Council and curated by the exceptional Kween G in partnership with Venue Manager, Brooke Olsen. Following a difficult few years during the pandemic, The Red Rattler is going from strength to strength. They have attracted substantial grant money and with the lifting of restrictions, the doors are back open and the community able to get back to what we love: enjoying the very best in live music, performance and parties. I warmly congratulate Kween G, Brooke and all those on the Red Rattler Team for the fantastic success of the Faversham Famous project.