The Ethnic Child Care, Family and Community Services Co-operative in Marrickville is a vital organisation for those from culturally and linguistically diverse [CALD] backgrounds. It works to connect services and to ensure CALD residents have access to children's services, aged care services, and services for the elderly or the disabled. It works alongside other fantastic organisations in the inner west, including Community and Cultural Connections, that work to give independence to vulnerable members of our multicultural community.

I recently met with key staff at these organisations to learn more about the unique challenges CALD residents face. While the focus of both organisations is very different, they share a common goal: to overcome the barriers faced by CALD people so that each and every one of us can participate fully in community life. During my visit, I was reminded just how challenging and isolating modern life can be if you do not have access to many of the things we take for granted, including support, resources, and language. The staff at both of these organisations are heroes. They are compassionate and professional and devoted to helping their clients achieve their full potential. I congratulate the staff at both organisations on their important work of making our community more inclusive.