With 140,000+ workers heading back to work at construction sites across greater Sydney in coming days, Andrew Constance must guarantee he has a plan to keep transport workers and commuters safe across our public transport network.

Every week we see more COVID cases on public transport routes, but it is still unclear whether commuters are required to check in using QR codes or whether QR codes are even available at train stations. 

Despite putting their health and safety on the line each day, few frontline transport workers are access paid pandemic leave, nor do they have priority access to vaccinations or COVID-19 testing. 

“Last year, Andrew Constance was telling people to avoid public transport at all costs while keeping all services running. This year, he’s cut services leaving essential workers stranded or forcing them to travel in a way that may not be Covid-safe,” said Jo Haylen, Shadow Minister for Transport.

“When every other business in the State is being asked to enforce QR codes, why isn’t the Transport Minister making sure that every commuter can scan a QR code to ride any train, bus or ferries that our tracers can do their job and keep us all safe?

“Andrew Constance needs to guarantee that essential workers can get to work, and get there in a Covid-safe way. We want our public transport system working safely for those who must use it, not transporting the virus travel across our city,” said Ms Haylen.