I am pleased to congratulate Marrickville resident ecologist, Erin Roger who has been awarded a Fellowship by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

As a part of the Churchill Fellows Association of NSW, Erin's project aims to harness the collective power of citizen science to help address Australia's biosecurity challenges.

The Churchill Fellowship offers Erin the opportunity to pursue fully funded international travel for the purpose of this project.

During her overseas study, Erin will be able to learn from and adapt a vast range of international biosecurity programs and approaches.

The project seeks to bring Australia to the forefront of advancements in biosecurity by refining our community-led surveillance techniques.

This Fellowship represents the next big step in Erin's repertoire of scientific contributions as a leading expert in the biosecurity sector.

Erin's work most recently includes a suite of citizen science projects for the Office of the Threatened Species Commissioner, which engaged the public in monitoring the environmental recovery post bushfire.

Thank you to Erin Roger for all her incredible contributions to the scientific community, and to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust for granting this opportunity.