Eileen O'Connor Catholic College in Lewisham has become the first catholic school to provide classes and support for kids with intellectual disabilities from kindergarten to year 12 In Australia around 3.7% of kids aged 0-14 live with an intellectual or learning disability. Kids like Jamie Gillibrand, who one of the first kids in the school's new Kindergarten. Jamie was born with infantile spasms, a severe form of epilepsy who suffered his first seizure at just 3 months old. Eileen O'Connor Catholic College was first established just four years ago with just 19 students from Years 7-10. The school has now grown to support more than 100 with learning and intellectual disabilities from Kindergarten to Year 12. Providing support and educational opportunities for kids with physical and intellectual disabilities vital to ensuring every child loves and learns at school Thank you to all the teachers at Eileen O'Connor Catholic College for your tireless efforts and support of your students and their families. And congratulations to Principal Gail Story on the wonderful success of the school and on the new kindergarten.