Good Food Australia has confirmed what inner west residents already know to be true: Dulwich Hill Chicken Shop on Marrickville Road is one of the best in Sydney, naming it Sydney's best takeaway chicken shop. Dulwich Hill Chicken Shop has been serving up charcoal chicken and its legendary potato bake for 34 years. Almost 10 years ago Jim and Rose Chronis took over the running of the shop from their parents, John and Dafni. Jim and Rose stuff and season their chickens with a secret family recipe. The chickens are delivered fresh every morning. They then marinate them overnight before cooking them on charcoal, which requires manipulating the fire every five to 10 minutes. It is a very skilful task that we probably take for granted when we pick up one of their chickens, but undoubtedly it has cemented their status as connoisseurs of good food in the inner west. I congratulate Jim and Rose on being recognised for their hard work and commitment. This is an important recognition of their family's dedication and commitment to the family business, and to their local community over decades and decades.