I was thrilled to recently meet with the new Dress for Success CEO, Melissa Collins, and head of philanthropy and partnerships, Amelia Lawrence, at their fantastic new premises at the Inner West Sustainability Hub in Summer Hill. Dress for Success has performed a magical transformation of the old council depot from a bare cement and brick shed into a beautiful, stylish and inspiring space. Assisting more than 2,500 women across Australia each year, Dress for Success now has room for its more than 400 volunteers and for its rows of clothing to be distributed at no cost. The tireless commitment of the team to empowering individuals through professional attire and career development services is an invaluable asset to our community. The move to the new space signifies a pivotal moment in the team's journey, and it is a testament to their growth and dedication to uplifting individuals on their path to success. I am confident that the new premises will serve as a haven for empowerment and transformation, further solidifying their indispensable role in our community. I congratulate Melissa, Amelia and all the team at Dress for Success.