NSW Labor is calling on the Government to stop energy companies charging customers to receive paper bills. 

Many people across NSW still receive paper bills via the mail and should not be charged for receiving the bill, which is a necessity. For example, Energy Australia customers are slugged $1.69 for a bill in the mail and then a further $1.91 to pay the bull at the post office. 

Minister for Energy Don Harwin was asked in NSW Parliament about this unfair practice, however his response abrogated the Berejiklian Government's responsibility for protecting the people of NSW from this rort. 

NSW Labor is opposed to these supplementary charges and is calling on the Government to investigate them. 

Some companies do have an exemption policy available for such charges. 

These exemptions are mostly for pensioners, people with disability and those experiencing hardship, however, energy companies are not effectively informing customers of the exemptions available. 


Quotes attributable to the Shadow Minister for Energy, Adam Searle

"It's a scandal that big energy companies are making record profits from households but are charging them extra just to receive their energy bills. 

"While many energy companies have hardship exemptions for pensioners, they are still charging these fees until someone complains. That's just not good enough. 

"The Minister needs to make sure vulnerable customers are not needlessly being charged fees. Despite this matter being raised some time ago, no action appears to have been taken. Why not" 


Quotes attributable to the Member for Summer Hill, Jo Haylen 

"The cost of electricity and gas is going through the roof and households are under growing pressure. 

"It's simply unacceptable that energy companies sneak in these extra costs, particularly when they're making record profits. 

"Any residents who are concerned should contact their energy providers and ask for the fees to be waived. I'd encourage them to also let my office know if I can be of assistance."