I acknowledge all the local doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health workers who have helped ensure children aged between the ages of 5 and 11 have been able to get vaccinated in time for the return of school. COVID has been tough on kids. Lockdowns moved the classroom to the lounge room, and play time was restricted to their siblings or parents. Despite many of them being too young to understand the depths of the virus and the harms it posed, they knew they had to stay home and follow the rules to keep their families and communities safe. I'm so proud that in just the last month, the number of 5-11 year olds who have received a jab is nearly 45 per cent. Almost half of all students running back into playgrounds are able to do so with the added protection of at least one vaccination. Thank you to every one of the kids and young people who have done their bit and gotten vaccinated, to the many parents and carers holding their little ones' hand through it, and of course thank you to all the health workers who made it possible.