The NSW Government’s shipwreck of ferry procurement continues with reports leaks have been discovered on the new Emerald Class vessels, which have been delivered late and are still undergoing sea trials.

The new ferries are beset with issues including the rudder bearings of each vessel incorrectly sealed, meaning the boats are taking on water.

Even when fully operational, the replacement to the much loved Freshwater Class Manly ferry will carry fewer passenger, take longer to board and offload and consume substantially more fuel.

Add to the, the fact they will not likely see revenue service until six months after the intended date.

Meanwhile, the new River Class vessels were due to begin day time trials but electrical problems persist, with fuses and components blowing out during power up and down.

Delivered full of asbestos, they are unable to safely travel under bridges along the Parramatta River without passengers ‘ducking’ and the wheelhouse glass windows make night operation unsafe.

Shadow Minister for Transport Jo Haylen said: “Andrew Constance’s new ferries are now well beyond a joke, in fact it’s now a public safety issue. His River Class ferries still can’t operate at night and the new Manly ferries are leaking.”

“Beyond this litany of failure, it is clear that Sydneysiders just can’t rely on the NSW Government and Andrew Constance to deliver the public transport they deserve.

Haylen added that “Minister Constance needs to come clean on how he will get Sydney’s ferry services out of this debacle and guarantee the safety of the commuting public. 

The NSW Liberal Government needs to learn from its mistake and build vital public infrastructure here in NSW.”