Jo Haylen has joined calls from the Labor Opposition for the embattled Transport Minister Andrew to explain why he kept the bus privatisation decision a secret from the public.

Last week in Question Time in answer to a question about whether the State Government had made a decision that Transit Systems would take over inner western Sydney buses, the Minister replied that no contract had been signed.

It has been revealed in a letter from Transit Systems that the company knew as early as January 17 that it had won the contract.  

Labor has steadfastly opposed the privatisation of Region Six buses. 

Mr Constance has trouble telling the truth. Even this week in the NSW Parliament rather than confess he had hidden the truth; he accused the Opposition of misleading the House, despite the fact that Transit Systems has acknowledged the existence of the letter.

Mr Constance was also asked by NSW Labor what had happened to the review he promised into the Sydney trains debacle earlier in the year. On January 10th he promised the review by senior transport bureaucrats would be delivered by January 24th. It is now three weeks overdue and its recommendations are nowhere to be seen.

And then there is the Ferry McFerryface farce. Mr Constance said the naming of the ferry was the result of a public vote when, in fact, he came up with the ridiculous name himself.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Transport Minister Jodi McKay

Why can’t Andrew Constance for once just tell the truth to the NSW Parliament?

“He fibbed about the Ferry McFerryface ballot, he has hidden the truth about bus privatisation and now he is sitting on a report into the Sydney trains meltdown.

“How can the travelling public ever expect the truth about transport from their Transport Minister?

“Andrew Constance’s only agenda when it comes to transport is to transfer ownership from public hands to the private sector.”


Quotes attributable to Member for Summer Hill, Jo Haylen

“This is the height of arrogance from the Transport Minister. Inner West residents have opposed this plan in the tens of thousands and today’s announcement that he flogging off the service to Transit Systems is an insult to our community.

“Andrew Constance was directly asked Parliament last week if a decision had been made to hand over our public buses to Transit Systems. He has delayed announcing the operator because the last thing he needs is more public backlash over his appalling decisions. But we won’t back down. 

“The Minister’s arrogant decision means a worse experience for commuters, families and transport workers. It’s as simple as that.”