I love my local Inner West sports teams.


Our sports teams are volunteer run, they’re diverse and committed to promoting fun, exercise and teamwork.


They make the most of our limited open greens spaces and get our kids outdoors.


I was proud to host sports teams in my community office last week to recognise their service and to present them with grants under the Local Sports Grant program.


I congratulate:

Marrickville District Lawn Tennis Club

The Newtown Breakaways

The River Canoe Club of NSW

Marrickville Cricket Club

Ashfield Bowling Club

The Summer Hill Lakers Netball Club

Canterbury and Western Suburbs Cricket Association

Trinity Community Swimming Club; and the

Marrickville Football Club


These grants will provide uniforms and equipment, upgrade facilities and allow clubs to recruit and train umpires, coaches and referees.


I particularly congratulate all those sports clubs working hard to increase participation – particularly participation of women and girls – and look forward to seeing these grants in action in the community.