Congratulations to Nathaniel Blair, who has made his National Premier Leagues NSW soccer debut at just 17 years of age. To crack the semi-professional level of any code is an immense achievement, but to do so at 17 is quite unheard of. To then score a goal just six minutes into one's debut is incredible, but it is all in a day's work for Nathaniel. I am so proud of this talented young man, who is now one of two high-level soccer players to have attended high school in the inner west and to have played their junior game for the Marrickville Red Devils. The other, of course, is Tim Cahill. Like Tim, Nathaniel dreams of one day going on to play for the Socceroos. With his efforts and commitment so far, I have no doubt that he can absolutely do so. Congratulations to Nathaniel. He has inspired another generation of young inner westies—so many more Marrickville Red Devils—to strap on their boots and follow their dreams, and we will be cheering for him all the way.