Ms JO HAYLEN (Summer Hill)—I congratulate Nina Funnell on being named Journalist of the Year at the Women in Media Awards. This is a much-deserved recognition of Nina’s body of work, but also acknowledges the experience of survivors of sexual assault, harassment and rape, including those in the Summer Hill electorate. I first met Nina in 2017 following the findings of the Australian Human Rights Commission report into sexual assault and harassment on university campuses, and was immediately impressed and inspired. As both a journalist and the Co-Director of End Rape on Campus, Nina has been a tireless advocate on this important issue.

Her most recent project, the #LetHerSpeak campaign, aims to reform the Tasmanian and Northern Territory gag laws which prevents survivors of sexual assault for being able to use their name in the media to tell their story. As part of the campaign Nina profiled 14 survivors of sexual assault from jurisdictions with gag orders to highlight the importance having survivors’ voices as part of a national discussion. On behalf of the entire Inner West Community, I warmly thank Nina for her commitment, passion and professionalism, and extend our congratulations on this much-deserved recognition.