Concessions in the NSW budget
August 23, 2019

A question to the Treasurer.

  1. What is the total amount attributable to use by seniors or pensioner card holders for each of the following concessions in the NSW Budget for:

    1. Transport concessions?

    2. Home and Community Care Program and Community Transport?

    3. Driver's license fee exemption?

    4. Self-funded retiree energy rebate?

    5. Ambulance service for concessional patients?

    6. Outpatient pharmaceutical scheme for concession patients?

    7. Concessional car parking fees?

    8. Life support and medical energy rebates scheme?

    9. Medical energy rebate?

    10. Spectacles program?

    11. Low income household rebate?

    12. Pensioner water rate concession?

    13. Fishing license concession?

    14. Local council rates concession?

    15. Concessions to recreation, zoo, culture, sport and religion?

    16. Concession entry to national parks?