On Saturday 28 November, Jo Haylen will hold a public meeting with residents concerned about the proposed rezoning of the Chubb and Tyres 4 U sites on Milton Street, Ashbury. 

“The General Manager of Canterbury Council has confirmed that there is a proposal before council to rezone this land from ‘light industrial’ to ‘residential’ land,” said Ms Haylen.

“Residents are understandably concerned about proposals that would see the same kind of development that we see much closer to transport hubs like Ashfield and Canterbury stations smack bang in the quiet suburb of Ashbury,” said Ms Haylen.

“It is important that any developments in our suburbs are smart developments and must be done with heritage, open spaces, schools, transport and health facilities in mind. It must be about livability – not the developer’s bottom line,” said Ms Haylen.

A number of concerned residents have formed the Ashbury Community Group to give a voice to Ashbury residents.

“We are a community asking for genuine consultation in order to create sustainable development that compliments the uniqueness of our suburb Ashbury.” said Ms Laila Hallam, a spokesperson for the group.

“To develop the Chubb and Tyres 4U sites as high density residential in an area not supported by suitable infrastructure and allow them to remain exempt from the Ashbury Conservation Order, that applies to all other residents, will not do this.  We ask for Local and State planning bodies to genuinely consult with the impacted community to reach the best possible development outcome." Ms Hallam added.

If Council approves the planning proposal, a formal submission will be made to the Department of Planning and Environment seeking a Gateway Determination. This process would allow a formal community consultation to take place.

“This meeting with residents is important because we need to make sure community voices are heard throughout this process,” said Ms Haylen.

“We must push for a formal community consultation.”

The meeting will be held from 9.30-11am at Whitfield Reserve, Whitfield Avenue, Ashbury.