Jo Haylen, the Member for Summer Hill, today called on the Government to extend the consultation timeline for the Sydenham to Bankstown urban renewal corridor and to ensure information about the proposed plans is available for the community.

“These plans will change the face of our suburbs forever and the community deserves to have all the information and to have their voice heard,” said Ms Haylen.

“The Government failed to properly consult with residents over the Parramatta Road revitalisation and were forced to go back to the community for proper consultation,” said Ms Haylen.

“They’re making the same mistakes all over again with the Sydenham to Bankstown corridor, with no planned information sessions and a ludicrously short consultation period.”

The Baird Government released its draft plan for the corridor last week, allowing for nine story development within 400m of existing train stations. The plans will force local councils to adjust LEP’s to allow for high-rise development and there is no detail on community infrastructure.

“The Government’s plans again show a lack of understanding about how communities work: Where are the day-care centres, schools, hospitals and green spaces that make our neighbourhoods friendly and pleasant places to live?” said Ms Haylen.

“They haven’t even adequately provided for commercial development,” said Ms Haylen.

“Just like their plans for Parramatta Rd, the Government has failed to account for the fact that communities need amenities and that development needs to be sensitive to the character of our suburbs,” said Ms Haylen.

“This needs to be density done well and represent a genuine attempt to manage housing affordability,” said Ms Haylen.

“That won’t happen without proper consultation. The Government has given residents only six weeks to respond to these plans and there are no planned information sessions.”

“The Government must extend the consultation period, offer proper information sessions and provide for genuine consultation,” Ms Haylen said.

“When it comes to the future of our suburbs, the community deserves better.”