I congratulate The Rio, a small bar in Summer Hill, on hosting Cocktails for a Cause, a heartwarming fundraiser to support research into Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophies. These are genetically inherited disorders and mostly affect boys. They are characterised by muscular weakness and degeneration. While medical advancements have improved quality of life and the speed of regression, there is still, sadly, no cure. Many in the community are unaware of these disorders and events such as the fundraiser held by The Rio not only help improve research but also raise awareness. The Rio raised over $3,200 and locals can still make a donation. I acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the whole Rio team and thank the sponsors for the night: Philter Brewing, Mextrade Australia, Poor Toms, Willie the Boatman and CDK9. I also thank the excellent musicians and performers who kept patrons entertained throughout the day. I congratulate The Rio on caring for our community and on its successful Cocktails with a Cause.