On 2 June, Italian Australians will observe Festa della Repubblica - the Italian National Day. This year marks the 77th anniversary commemorating the formation of the Italian Republic. The Inner West is home to a vibrant and buzzing Italian community who will join in celebration of this special day once again this June. As the leading Italian community organisation in New South Wales, Co.As.It has made an especially positive and important impact on the Inner West. Since 1968, Co.As.It has provided language and support services to the Italian-Australian community. To this day, they continue to meet community needs in new and dynamic ways. This year, Co.As.It will be hosting the Italian National Ball in recognition of Festa della Repubblica. All proceeds from this charity gala will go towards establishing and funding a helpline that offers mental health support for Italian speakers. I thank Co.As.It for the incredible work that they do and extend my best wishes to all Italian-Australians as they celebrate Festa della Repubblica in June.