The NSW Government has announced a plan for the revitalisation of Circular Quay for the fifth time in six years even though there is still no design, no business case, and no timeline for construction.

Former NSW Premier Mike Baird first announced a $200 million plan to revitalise Circular Quay in 2015. Construction was originally slated to begin in 2019 but was then pushed back to 2023.

The project has been announced and re-announced five times by the NSW Government in the six years since it was first announced.







Media reports have revealed that the NSW Government has spent more than $30 million on consultants for Circular Quay’s revitalisation since 2015 even though there is no agreed upon design, planning approval, business case, or start date for construction.

Shadow Minister for Transport Jo Haylen said: “This is the fifth time in six years that the NSW Government has announced a plan to revitalise Circular Quay but the public still hasn’t seen an agreed design, a business case, or a proper construction timeline for the project.

“Unfortunately the people of Sydney have heard this all before from the Government. They’ve made grandiose promises about Circular Quay for years but have delivered nothing.

“Circular Quay is the gateway to Sydney. It’s a major transport hub and a tourist destination that tens of thousands of people flock too every year. It does need an upgrade so it can be a 21st century transport hub, but instead of real action we’ve seen reannouncement after reannouncement and review after review.”