I recently had the opportunity to visit Circle Paints and meet with Managing Director and Founder Ms Jocelyn Bell. Circle Paints is a paint reuse charity whose mission is to reduce waste to landfill, reduce carbon emissions and provide customers with affordable, high quality decorative paint. After only opening in February 2023 the charity has grown so quickly that demand for their products is rapidly out growing supply. After becoming aware of the amount of paint that was being dried out then sent to landfill and knowing that paint reuse was operating successfully in other places, Circle Paints was founded to create and grow a market for reuse of waste paint in Sydney, with a vision to expand beyond Sydney over time. It is wonderful to see organisations like Circle Paints finding a home in the Inner West, adding to our vibrant environmentally focussed, recycling and re-use community. I am inspired by the success in such a short time of Jocelyn and the team at Circle Paints and encourage everyone to support the great work they are doing in re-directing waste from land fill. Congratulations Jocelyn and all the team at Circle Paints.