I was honoured to recently attend a celebration dinner recognising the 50th anniversary of the Child Abuse Prevention Service [CAPS], Australia's oldest child abuse prevention service. It is with heartfelt appreciation that we recognise the profound impact CAPS has had on our community as it reaches this remarkable milestone. For half a century, CAPS has been a beacon of hope and support, diligently working to achieve their simple but powerful vision: "Every child is safe, supported and loved". The longevity of CAPS and its powerful impact on so many lives is testimony to the unwavering dedication and tireless efforts of the CAPS team, volunteers, and supporters. I acknowledge the commitment of Chairperson Fiona McDonald, Executive Director John Cowell, the Board and leadership team. CAPS' legacy of compassion, innovation, and service echoes through the generations, inspiring us to continue striving for a more equitable and thriving society. Their commitment to making a difference, one person at a time, exemplifies the very essence of community spirit and solidarity. As we honour CAPS' 50 years of unwavering service, let us celebrate the many achievements and extend our deepest gratitude to all those who have contributed to this remarkable journey.