The State Government has abandoned the health of the Canterbury community in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, failing to invest a single dollar in the State Budget to upgrade Canterbury Hospital.

Despite a 2013 strategic plan by the O’Farrell Government confirming the hospital would need redevelopment by 2017 and $1 million allocated in 2018/19 for planning, the Government has failed to take the required steps to redevelop Canterbury Hospital.

More than 100,000 people depend on Canterbury Hospital, and the hospital’s own strategic plan highlights a likely 39% population increase by 2031.

Patients attending Canterbury Hospital have higher than average rates of Type 2 diabetes, asthma and life-threatening cancers including bladder, liver, lung, stomach, thyroid and gestational cancers. However, despite the complex medical needs of local patients, there’s no renal dialysis, angiogram or MRI scanning technology at the hospital and only limited ultrasound capacity.

The Member for Canterbury, Sophie Cotsis said: “This Government is happy to move thousands of people into our community but fails to invest in the necessary hospitals and infrastructure.

“We will keep up the fight to deliver this important health support for our community," Ms Cotsis said.
Member for Lakemba Jihad Dib said: “The Government’s failure to commit to the much needed upgrade of Canterbury Hospital during this health crisis is appalling."
“Our community is over-represented in rates of diabetes and other health issues, and shamefully under-represented in investment in health services," Mr Dib said.
Member for Summer Hill Jo Haylen said: “The Liberal’s budget is a massive missed opportunity not only to meet the ever growing health needs or our community but to create local jobs in construction and, in the long-term, at the Hospital.

"There is another State Budget in six months and we’ll keep on knocking on the Treasurer’s door until he finds the cash," Ms Haylen said.