A Minns Labor Government will establish TAFE Domestic Manufacturing Centres of Excellence to help rebuild TAFE and our state’s domestic manufacturing capacity and capabilities, as well as boosting skills, apprentices, and creating thousands of new jobs – starting with Western Sydney, the Hunter and the Illawarra.

The centres will be able to train, re-train and upskill 1,000 apprentices and workers in traditional and advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies every year.
NSW Labor will commit $42.7 million towards upgrading and fitting-out three facilities to cater for 1,000 students a year and offer courses like mechanical engineering and electrical fitting – for free. 
The Manufacturing Centres of Excellence are a key part of NSW Labor’s plan to rebuild TAFE and boost domestic manufacturing to resolve the state-wide skills crisis.

NSW Labor will build things here
Labor has already announced we will build new trains right here in New South Wales and will begin the procurement process for the next set of trains to replace the ageing Tangara fleet in its first term.

Today, Labor can announce that building the next set of trains here will create 1000 good, long-term jobs during the design and build phase, and many more in maintenance for the life of the trains.
This state deserves a government that backs Australian made and that will buy Australian made.
And lots of apprentices, learning skills and new and better capabilities right here in NSW – including 200 just on this project.
And those apprentices will be able to train right here in NSW through one of the TAFE Domestic Manufacturing Centre of Excellence.
The Tangaras will be the beginning of a long-term pipeline of manufacturing work and form the basis for the return of a sustainable rail manufacturing industry in New South Wales which will continue after the replacement of the Tangara fleet.
We can’t rebuild an entire sector overnight – but we have to start somewhere.

It’s taken Victoria 7 years, but they have now supported 40,000 local jobs since 2014 as a direct result of their local procurement policies. It’s time for a new direction in New South Wales. 

A fresh start for domestic manufacturing and TAFE

After 12 years of Dominic Perrottet and the Liberals there is a clear choice at the next election.
More offshoring of skills, the offshoring of thousands jobs overseas, bungled and broken transport infrastructure and 40 to 50 per cent cost increases and delays under the Liberals.  
Or a fresh start for domestic manufacturing in NSW, with a Minns Labor Government that will back building trains, ferries and buses right here.
Labor has already announced:

  • A target of 50 per cent minimum local content for future transport rolling stock contracts;
  • Increased tender weightings for local content, jobs creation, small business and ethical supply chains to 30 per cent;
  • A NSW Jobs First Commission – an independent, expert body – to oversee the implementation and growth of local industries. Its first job will be to audit our current domestic manufacturing capabilities;
  • A guarantee of a minimum of 70 per cent of total skills funding goes to TAFE;
  • A comprehensive review of the vocational education system; and
  • Working collaboratively with industry to make the state government’s own demand pipeline as easy as possible for local suppliers.

Chris Minns, NSW Labor leader said:
“I want to build trains, buses ferries right here. But it’s going to take a government with the political will to do – and I am determined to.”
“Our state has missed out on the skills, the jobs and the work because of this government’s obsession with offshoring transport projects.”
“Under Labor, we’ll skill up our people, begin a pipeline of work and get NSW building things again.”
Jo Haylen, NSW Shadow Minister for Transport said:
“The choice for the people of New South Wales is clear. These new trains will need to be built one way or another.”
“If you vote Labor they will be built here in Australia and in NSW. If you vote for Dominic Perrottet and the Liberals, they will be built overseas, like all their other failed trains, trams and ferries.”
Tim Crakanthorp, NSW Shadow Minister for Tafe and Skills said:

“Labor will bring transport manufacturing back home and we will need the workforce to get these projects rolling in NSW again.”
“TAFE has a proud history and has trained generations of skilled workers but has been decimated by this government.”
“Under Labor TAFE will thrive and train the next generation so NSW can build great things right here, just like we used to.”
Anoulack Chanthivong, NSW Shadow Minister for Industry and Trade said:

"This Liberal Government has neglected our manufacturing industry for the past 12 years. This has led to job losses and a decline in skills and training opportunities for NSW workers. 
“Only a Minns Labor Government will revive our manufacturing industry, build a resilient future economy, and provide employment and training opportunities for the future."