Jo Haylen moves that this House:

  1. Notes that the Summer Hill electorate has a comparatively high number of boarding houses, particularly in the Marrickville local government area.
  2. Notes that boarding houses are increasingly relied upon as long-term housing.
  3. Considers the current regulations are failing tenants as:
    1. only a small number of boarding houses have registered on the Boarding House Register;
    2. local councils are given inadequate resources to conduct inspections and enforce standards;
    3. fines for non-compliant boarding houses are provided to the State Debt Recovery Office and not to local councils, resulting in a lack of motivation by councils to conduct inspections and enforce standards; and
    4. the current regulations do not adequately support the rights of boarding house tenants, particularly with respect to health, safety standards and rent increases.
  4. Calls on the Government to review current regulations to deliver a more robust framework of laws to better protect the rights of boarding house residents.