BlocHaus has created a name for itself in Marrickville as an excellent bouldering gym, with a traditional gym upstairs, a merch shop, and even an in-haus barista.

However, it is not only because of its quality facilities that BlocHaus has become a thriving community spot, but because of the gym's strong and compassionate values. In early 2020, BlocHaus partnered with ClimbingQTs, an LGBTQ+ inclusive climbing organisation, to create a supportive space to climb and socialise for our diverse community in the Inner West.

The team has dedicated themselves in many ways to upholding BlocHaus Pride. A core part of this is the gym's BlocHaus LGBTQ+ inclusion guide, serving as their statement of commitment and a guide for all members in their community in maintaining safety and inclusivity.

On the first Monday of every month, BlocHaus also hosts climbingQTs meet-ups, an LGBTQ+ social night.

Thank you to the BlocHaus LGBTQ+ inclusion ambassadors, Kim Phan and Steff Leinasars, for going the extra mile in their commitment to diversity and inclusion in our community.