The Greenway corridor stretching from Iron Cove to the Cooks River is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers, being home to over 239 different species of birds including rare and precious native species.

As open green spaces are slowly eroded across Sydney, the Greenway corridor serves as an important habitat for dozens of species of native birds and animals.

Thanks to the hard work of local bush‑care volunteers, we now have a handy guide to better identify and understand them.

The Inner West Environment Group has created a comprehensive Photo Guide to Birds of the Greenway and continue to host monthly bird-watching walks and surveys for avid bird-lovers and interested locals.

The IWEG encourages inner westies to slow down, take a moment to appreciate our beautiful natural environment and keep an eye out for native birds with which we share our parks, streets and green spaces.

I offer special thanks to Jo Blackman for her dedication to the Inner West Environment Group and for all she has done to create the guide, run programs and walks, and to make sure local residents fully appreciate the beautiful birds and wild places of the Inner West.