I give notice that on the next sitting day I will move that this House:

  1. Notes the Commonwealth Senate has voted overwhelmingly to remove Bettina Arndt's Order of Australia after the men's rights activist congratulated the Queensland Police inspector's comments about keeping an open mind as to why Rowan Baxter brutally murdered his three children and wife Hannah Clarke.
  2. Notes Bettina's Arndt's comments follow a long career of maligning the victims of sexual assault and campaigners against domestic violence, including a tour across universities aimed at discrediting reports of sexual assaults and interviewing a twice-convicted pedophile.
  3. Agrees that honouring Bettina Arndt undermines the work of activists and governments, including the Government, to reduce rates of sexual assault and domestic violence.
  4. Condemns Bettina Arndt's comments and requests the Attorney General to petition the Governor General and the Council of the Order of Australia to immediately rescind Bettina Arndt's award.