The Berejiklian Government has refused to rule out building a dangerous dive site next to an Inner West school, as part of its plans for Westconnex.

The dive site for tunnelling for the WestConnex project is earmarked to be located on top of the almost 1,000 students at the Sydney Secondary College’s Leichhardt Campus.

It will mean the pupils of the public school will be subjected to noise, dust, fumes and the additional hazards of truck movements for at least three years.                    

Concerned members of the community have been pleading with the Government to abandon any further consideration of WestConnex construction dive site on Derbyshire Road.

Today Member for Summer Hill Jo Haylen asked WestConnex Minister Stuart Ayres if he had heeded the concerns of students, families and the local community, and abandoned the ill-thought-out plan - but he refused to rule it out.

This comes with revelations that the Liberal Government agreed to relocated a proposed Sydney Metro ventilator shaft which was slated to be built the next to private school Monte Sant’ Angelo in North Sydney.

This was revealed by the former Member for North Sydney Jillian Skinner in her last letter to constituents, in which she said:

“This is an example of how projects with potentially devastating consequences can be prevented by good local intervention and the support of willing Ministers.”

NSW Labor lashed out the Government’s atrocious show of favouritism and calls on an alternative dive site to be found to save the Leichhardt School.

Quotes attributable to Member for Summer Hill Jo Haylen

“The Leichhardt community is rightly furious at this Government’s complete disregard for the safety and health of local school students.

“This decision will compromise the education and safety of up to 1,000 students at a public high school.

“It follows their decision to install a polluting exhaust stack right next door to a primary school in Haberfield.

“It is outrageous that the Liberal Government will make concessions for a private school on the North Shore but refuse to budge when it’s the safety of students in the Inner West in jeopardy.”