The Premier and Transport Minister have blatantly ignored community outrage, pushing ahead with the Liberal’s privatisation of the bus network.

The Government is expected to make an announcement about the new private operator of the Region 6 buses imminently, a move which will inevitably lead to reduced services and job cuts.

The area services the Inner West to Strathfield, across to Homebush and down through Southern Sydney.

More than 20,000 residents have signed petitions against the sell-off, furious they will be left with sub-standard services.

It’s a broken promise by Gladys Berejiklian who, as Transport Minister in 2015, said there were no plans to allow private bus operators to compete with State Transit.

Western Sydney has already seen the impacts of private bus operation with plans to cut 48 stops along the Metro bus M91 service which runs from Parramatta to Hurstville.


Quotes attributable to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley

“We have a Government and a Minister who don’t value public transport.

“It’s no wonder we have seen a shambolic meltdown of the public transport system; this Government won’t properly resource trains and buses, and will then use the ensuing chaos as an excuse to sell them off.

 “Residents and bus drivers have every reason to be angry because there were guarantees given by Gladys Berejiklian at the last election that bus privatisation wouldn’t happen.”


Quotes attributable to Shadow Transport Minister Jodi McKay

“The community has been completely ignored once again by a Transport Minister who consistently demonstrates an arrogant attitude towards public transport users.

“Residents will be the losers. They will have to put up with fewer direct services and longer journey times.

“It’s another sad example of the Liberal’s obsession with selling off the state’s assets and Labor fears the beginning of a state-wide sell off of public transport.”


Quotes attributable to Member for Summer Hill, Jo Haylen

“The evidence is clear - privatised buses will leave Inner West residents far worse off.

“We’ve seen bus stops ripped out, we’ll see the loss of routes and transport worker jobs. 

“The Transport Minister has an ideological obsession with privatising public transport. 

“The Inner West is clearly the beginning of the end for public buses as far as he is concerned and I’ll continue to fight him every step of the way.”