Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill, today joined Labor colleagues in accusing the Berejiklian Government of intentionally delaying medicinal cannabis applications from doctors for patients with a terminal illness.

NSW Shadow Health Minister Walt Secord and Opposition Leader in the NSW Legislative Council Adam Searle said the current approach by the Berejiklian Government is to give the impression that they support access to medicinal cannabis, but then on the other hand to thwart the applications.

This comes as doctors report desperate conditions of patients dying before being able to navigate the extremely difficult application process required to access medicinal cannabis in New South Wales.

NSW Labor has been at the forefront of championing patients’ rights, regarding access to medicinal cannabis; including initiating a parliamentary inquiry and presenting a bill to parliament in February 2017.


Comments attributable to Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill:

“This Government is not just failing at basic administration when it comes to the scheme, it's failing on the test of basic human compassion.

“Terminally ill patients have been abandoned by a Government that says all the right things about compassionate use of medicinal marijuana, but then goes out of its way to thwart people seeking help.

“Those seeking assistance from medicinal cannabis already face significant challenges in legally sourcing cannabinoids, the last thing they need is the Government blocking them at every turn.

“The premier must act to make sure the most vulnerable in our community are given care and support when they need it most.


Comments attributable to Walt Secord MLC, Shadow Minister for Health:

“Sadly, patients with terminal illnesses in NSW are suffering because NSW Health is making their doctors submit and re-submit applications, resulting in hours and hours of unnecessary and cumbersome paperwork.

 “Doctors have told me about desperate patients who are dying before they can navigate the cumbersome system in NSW. Unfortunately, this is forcing patients into the black market.”