This Saturday 22 October you can expect Ashfield to erupt into music, song and dance during the Balkan Boogie musical event.

Taking place at our iconic Pratten Park Bowling Club in Ashfield, Balkan Boogie will be playing the tunes of the Balkans into the night.

In celebration of the rich cultural offerings of the Balkan states, locals are invited to come and enjoy some live music - whether it reminds them of home or introduces them to a new style of sound they have never heard before.

Attendees will have the opportunity to watch professional dance displays by Dusha Balkana and also learn dances themselves led by Yorgo Kaporis.

The Inner West is host to many different vibrant communities of people with cultural ties to the Balkan region. Balkan Boogie hopes to connect local community members to others of Balkan cultural background and celebrate their connected roots through music.

I thank Balkan Boogie for this fun upcoming event that will surely bring so many in our community together and closer to their heritage.