Recently, I had the honour of attending the Balar Malar Tamil School in Ashfield with the member for Strathfield. Tamil is the longest-surviving classical language in the world. There are 74,000 Tamil-speaking people living in Australia—22,000 of them in New South Wales. The Balar Malar Tamil School was established in 1977 and was born from a small family gathering to discuss the need to teach Tamil to their children living in Australia. That family's eagerness to teach their children about their language and culture has now seen the Balar Malar Tamil language program established in seven schools in New South Wales, including at Ashfield Boys High School in my electorate. There are currently 35 students, aged between two and 12 years, studying there. The program is staffed by local parents who provide a wonderful educational and cultural connection for the students to their native language. I want to say thank you—nanri—to them again for inviting me to experience the amazing work they do showcasing the importance of bilingual education and the multicultural richness of the inner west of Sydney.