JO HAYLEN: My question is directed to the Premier. Does the Premier stand by the comments of his finance Minister yesterday, who said regarding the Government's privatisation agenda that "We have done it successfully, and we will continue to do it successfully."?

DOMINIC PERROTTET: Yes, I do. Has the member got a supplementary coming? Have those opposite run out of questions? How good is Damien Tudehope? What a great finance Minister. He has learnt from the best. As I say, over $50 billion in asset recycling is able to be unlocked and delivered for the people of our State. That is better health care, better education and better public transport. Look at all the cranes in the sky. Labor has opposed every one of those projects. They opposed WestConnex, didn't they? It is sad. Now, the member for Summer Hill drives on it every day to get to work, and she loves it. Guess what else? Parramatta Road flows faster.

LYNDA VOLTZ: No, it doesn't. Go down to Silverwater.

DOMINIC PERROTTET: Okay, Low Energy Lynda, how quickly would it flow if there were no WestConnex? Oh, that is right, we will take out the road and see how Parramatta flows. You know the truth.

Anyway, they know the truth. Let us go to another road those opposite oppose, the M2. If anyone in the gallery today lives in north-west Sydney, could they imagine life without the M2? Labor called the M2 the "road to nowhere". No-one is ever going to live in north-west Sydney. Why would they need the M2? Imagine Epping Road today without the M2. We go to every corner of the State to answer the question. The Metro North West, once again for those in north-west Sydney, promised back when I was in primary school—never delivered. We came into government in 2011 and delivered it. Why? Because we manage money well. Our asset recycling program has ensured more roads, more rail, more schools and more hospitals than ever before in our State's history because of the approach we take. The member for Summer Hill, the answer is yes.